Our investment process builds strong investor and infrastructure management relationships.

We provide the right match of funds to investment, and ensure specialist sector knowledge facilitates superior returns.

The ongoing process is:

Investment opportunities

Ports: In the Ukraine, ports are a major strategic priority and a Strategy for the Development of Seaports of Ukraine through 2038 has been prepared for adoption by the Government of Ukraine to support investment. Ukraine ports currently handle 135m tons of cargo with greenfield and brownfield site opportunities, with significant EBITDA potential.

Airports: Ukrainian airspace has substantial scope for development, being part of the common aviation area (Open Sky) with the EU. This is supported by the deregulation of procedures to open ground handling markets to private operators, the withdrawal of restrictions on the basis of parity regarding the number of airlines, destinations and flight frequencies between Ukraine and the rest of the world.

Roads: The 169,000 km of roads in the Ukraine need a complete overhaul. In 2017, an open infrastructure data portal was developed, which contained about 400 road repair/ reconstruction projects, monitored according to CoST standards. For the first time in the nation’s history Ukraine has a dedicated source of revenues for road repair and construction via the State Road Fund. 

Rail: With an extensive rail network carrying 158m passengers and 232m tons of cargo per year, there is a need for freight car manufacture, repair, upgrade and electrification across the rolling stock and network. The establishment of private rail companies and a move to align with EU rail operating procedures supports the development.

Local services: An example of investment opportunity can be found in the Ukraine postal services, where 50 service types and 856.7 items of mail are sent per year, but modernisation of computer systems, fleet, services and sorting infrastructure are required in order to support and upgrade the service.

Electricity infrastructure: There is a plan to commence production of a full cycle of electric vehicles in Ukraine, providing Ukrainians with the opportunity to purchase affordable electric cars in the future. This will require the construction and installation of fast-charging electric vehicle stations. 

Mining: Ukraine has over 20,000 mineral deposits, of which 8,700 are of industrial importance. Significant reserves of manganese ore (42.8%), titanium (20%), iron ore (15%), coal (7.5%), base non-ferrous and precious metals can be found throughout the region, as well as oil and natural gas. The market value of all deposits in the Ukraine amounts to $7.5 trillion.

Management of investment risk

The investments in the portfolio are identified to provide a safe and stable return for global players.

Investors are selected for their track record in infrastructure investment and their fit to the opportunity portfolio.

We manage and maintain relationships throughout the process of investment commitment through to return.

2% fee is charged on all investments.